Nelson Brackin
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Estudios de Arquitectura en la Facultad
Auburn University
Titulado en el Año... / Estoy en el año de estudios nº ...
Situación actual (visible en Bolsa de Empleo/colaboradores)
Estudio Independiente
Recomiendo leer, escuchar, conocer, visitar, recorrer, ...
Toward Absolute Architecture
Más sobre mí, y sobre la arquitectura que me identifica ( Y LUGARES DONDE HE TRABAJADO)...
President of the Friends of Kebyar. The Friends of Kebyar is a non-profit corporation registered in Georgia and an international network of people interested in original and innovative architecture that is not “mainstream” - architecture that defies the tyranny of styles. We advocate creative and unusual solutions to the challenges facing today’s architects.

Kebyar is a Balinese word literally meaning the process of flowering. It also designates a style in Balinese music and art connoting strength and
vigor. Internationally famed architect Bruce Goff chose Kebyar as the name for a school of creative arts and architecture he was planning at the time of his death.

The organization’s purposes are to advance creative organic architecture, to bring attention to the works of original artists, and to nurture the spiritual endowment left by the architects that have preceded us who worked so hard to free their art from the indolent idioms of fashion and imbue it with new meaning, integrity, and respect for the natural environment. To that end, Friends of Kebyar publishes a journal documenting the works of many selected architects, sponsors a series of “celebration-gatherings” and symposiums, and now publishes a newsletter which provides a medium for a network colloquy.


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